Anjali Malhotra

Founder, C-Xcel

Customer Satisfaction, Diversity & Inclusion
Marketing, Digital Transformation

Anjali Malhotra


Founder, C-Xcel Advisory Certified Coach Start-Up Mentor Anjali is the founder of C-Xcel Advisory Practice, which helps B2C businesses to achieve greater success thru Customer Centricity. The advisory works in core domains of CX Measurement, Design Thinking, Customer Acquisition/ Retention & Organizational Transformation through embracing Technology and the Culture/ Mindset required for its adoption. She has 30 years in Media, FMCG/Retail, and BFSI sectors. A Thought Leader, Marketer turned Digital Transformation specialist & CX evangelist. Her last role was Chief Customer, Marketing, Digital & IT Officer at Aviva India. Her Start-Up investments span domains of Ed-Tech, Gaming, Media/Content, F&B & Tech-enabled consumer products She is a Diversity Champion who has led Women's programs and invested in women entrepreneur-led businesses.

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