Raghuvesh Sarup

Co-Founder, Search Value

AI/ML, Information and Communication Technology
Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation

Raghuvesh Sarup


30 years of executive experience in technology and consumer products. Co-founder at Search Value, a leading firm for talent acquisition. I hold the AZ900 Azure certification and have skills in both B2B and B2C marketing and sales, including demand gen, customer engagement, partner management, and digital transformation.
Prior: He held various leadership positions at Microsoft, where he led the modern marketing transformation, GTM and Marketing strategy and customer engagement. He also championed the mission of Inclusion & Diversity, within and outside the Microsoft. Before Microsoft, he was the first CMO and head of categories at Ola, where he launched new and consolidated existing businesses. He also spent 10+ years at Nokia in India and Finland, where he led change management in sales and channel, the entire portfolio of mobile phones, and Global Product Marketing for Windows Phone. 

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