Anoop Mathew

Chief Operations Officer, FreeSpace India

Academics, Digital Transformation
Engineering, Academic

Anoop Mathew


Dr. Anoop Mathew, an educationalist, writer, and technologist, focuses on reducing the digital divide in rural Indian educational institutions through effective corporate fund implementation. He's also dedicated to popularizing science among the public and students. With a doctoral degree in Power Electronics, he formerly served as a Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, training over 500 teachers in Engineering Pedagogy and Digital Transformation. He supervised numerous projects and taught around 1500 students. Currently, he collaborates with organizations offering Free and Open-Source software alternatives. A recognized academic, he received the "Best Engineering Faculty Award-2012" and authored 9 books. He's an editorial board member, published research papers, and delivered invited talks. He's affiliated with prestigious associations like IEEE, ISTE, ECS, CSI, ACM, IAENG, and more.

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