Founder and A Transformation Coach, VISIONARA GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED

Motivation and Development | Presentation Skills, Trainer, Digital Transformation



From Housewife to Homemaker-turned-Beauty-Queen, Binita Shrivastava is an Accidental Entrepreneur, India’s leading Transformation Coach, Amazon Best Seller Author, TEDx Speaker & Philanthropist. Her Transformation Workshop and Pageantry Training Model has gifted thousands of women, the opportunity to become Confident Divas. At the helm of Visionara Global, overseeing Pageants, Education, E-Learning, Events, PR, Media and Productions, Binita has founded Visionara Academy to empower women and help them become self-reliant. Binita has hosted 3 Seasons of VG MISS & MRS INDIA – India’s Premier Beauty Pageant, and conducted Live Workshops across India, along with 300+ Webinars on Women's Transformation on various topics – training 40,000+ Virtual Attendees, and nurturing 30,000+ followers and community members! On a mission to help 10,00,000 women earn and achieve financial independence becoming unstoppable, successful and confident Divas – to achieve their goals and soar higher!

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