Ajay Khajuria

Professor-of-Practice at MIET,Jammu, MIET,Jammu

Branding, Marketing and Communication | Marketing, Culture, Sales

Ajay Khajuria


Ajay, an accomplished Indian executive with 25+ years in telecom, is currently a Professor-of-Practice at MIET, Jammu. Previously, he excelled as Circle Marketing Head at airtel Jammu & Kashmir till 2023. With a rich history at Bharti Airtel, Ajay led marketing at Dishnet Wireless Limited and held senior roles in customer acquisition. His journey began at Birla White, showcasing his diverse expertise. Ajay holds a BSc from Jammu University and an MBA from Poona University. Beyond academia, he advises KPMG, contributing his strategic insights. Ajay's career epitomizes leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving telecom landscape.

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