Dheeraj Bhatia

Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator and Cyber Security Expert, Eduqe Learning LLP

Academics, Digital Transformation
Cybersecurity, Lifestyle Management

Dheeraj Bhatia


As a Co-Founder in the edtech/fintech industry, Dheeraj has extensive experience in instructional design, team building, investing, and market research. He has also pursued several courses in Cyber Security and Blockchain to expand his knowledge and expertise. Dheeraj is the former Co-Founder of Kips Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd - India's Leading Publisher of School Computer Books and Digital Interactive Tools used by 6500 plus schools and over 5 Million students in India and the Middle East.

He talks about vulnerability in the digital era of cloud computing, AI and Machine Learning and online frauds along with emerging trends in cybersecurity.

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