Jaspreet Bindra

Founder - Tech Whisperer Ltd. | Thought Leader, Advisor, and Bestselling Author on AI, Blockchain, Future of Work, The Tech Whisperer Ltd.

Innovation, AI/ML & Technology | Digital Transformation, Technology, Blockchain

Jaspreet Bindra


Jaspreet Bindra, the innovative founder and Independent Advisor at Digital Matters, is a leading figure in the world of Digital Transformation, Blockchain, and The Future of Work. With a remarkable career spanning diverse industries, including Agritech, Real Estate, Next-gen Social Networks, Hospitality, Auto, and Financial Services, Jaspreet is a trusted guide through the intricacies of digital evolution. Previously, he held the pivotal role of Senior Vice President of Digital Transformation at Mahindra Rise, showcasing his profound impact. As a sought-after speaker on various subjects, including Blockchain, Jaspreet's expertise is widely recognized. He received the inaugural 'Digitalist of the Year' award from Mint and SAP, underscoring his visionary contributions. Jaspreet Bindra's is on a mission to shape the future of Digital Transformation. His workshops empower organizations to harness the potential of digital innovation, demystifying the hype cycle and enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

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