Sreedhar Prasad

Consumer Internet Leader/ Motivational Speaker, Independent

Business, Strategy & Entrepreneurship | Sales, Technology, Digital Transformation

Sreedhar Prasad


Sreedhar Prasad is a towering figure in the Consumer Internet arena, renowned for his ability to propel local tech products into global markets starved for innovation. His expertise spans E-commerce, FinTech, Internet Technologies, Media, and Scalable businesses. With an impressive consulting portfolio featuring major players like PayTM, Flipkart, Google, Facebook, and others, Sreedhar's two decades of global consulting experience have made an indelible mark in the technology and Digital Transformation domains.

As a luminary in the field, Sreedhar excels at introducing cutting-edge tech innovations to markets keen for product advancements. His global outlook breathes life into diverse revenue streams and strategic investments for major corporations and government entities across India and the Middle East. As a workshop facilitator specializing in Digital Transformation, Sreedhar brings transformative strategies and forward-thinking approaches, enabling organizations to thrive in the dynamic digital era.

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