Amit Dhawan

Head of Digital Marketing, Sociowash

Marketing, Branding and Advertising
Social Media, Digital Transformation

Amit Dhawan


I am currently leading the digital line of business at Sociowash along with consulting a varied set of brands like Casio, Panasonic, realme, Whirlpool, and more, trying to scale their digital strategies across both creative and media functions. Having worked with diverse teams from across the globe during my stints at Samsung (Seoul, South Korea) and Sociowash, I have always been a strong believer in the importance of teamwork and focus to add value to the brands and people I work with. Always keen on the idea of giving back and my passion for teaching led me to start Sociowash Digital Academy as the cofounder, with the aim to impart industry-ready digital marketing skills to entrepreneurs, professionals, and students.

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