Siddhant Agarwal

Developer Relations Lead - APAC | Graph Enthusiast | Ex-Google, IBM | Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor, Neo4j

AI/ML, Generative AI
Data Science, Verbal Communication

Siddhant Agarwal


Siddhant is currently leading Developer Communities for APAC @ Neo4j. Previously, he worked with Open Financial Technologies as 'Developer Relations Lead' where he built India's first developer community around Fintech/Embedded Finance. Prior to that he had worked with the Google Developer Relations team and had led the GDSC, TFUG, GDG, and GDE program in India. A design thinker at heart, he loves working with startups and helping them scale in UX and improve their designs. He is one of ACM's Distinguished Speakers among 200+ speakers worldwide and 20+ in India. He has spent nearly a decade in building, scaling and growing communities in India and globally and has found his passion in launching ed-tech initiatives, design innovation, growing startup ecosystem and building for the next billion users. With his experience he is a able to weave a story with data insights and also align it with his knowledge of emerging technologies.

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