Nakul Shenoy

Indian Mentalist, Magician, Author and Inventor, Nakul Shenoy Inc

Mentalist, Verbal Communication
Design Thinking, Internet of Things (IOT)

Nakul Shenoy


Nakul Shenoy aka The Mind Reader is an Indian mentalist, magician, author, and critical thinker. A speaker of choice for Fortune-500 companies, he has delivered high-impact, mind-reading experiences across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, UK, and the USA. With 10 TEDx Talks and numerous television appearances to his credit, Nakul has earned a global following for his mesmerising performances. Drawing on his strong academic background and leveraging his vast industry experience, Nakul can create and deliver bespoke magical presentations that perfectly fit the specialised asks of any occasion. Whether delivering world-class mystery entertainment or a highly-engaging and inspirational keynote, Nakul guarantees an experience that is truly unique, most enchanting, and unforgettable.

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