Sunil Tatkar

Founder and Managing Partner at Valurevolution, Valurevolution

Motivation and Development | Self-Development, Career Development, Verbal Communication

Sunil Tatkar


Sunil, a seasoned entrepreneur and skilled engineer, believes in maximizing life's potential through experiential learning. With over 33 years of diverse expertise spanning numerous industries and continents, he's made a global impact, touching lives in 95+ countries. As a versatile content creator, writer, and art enthusiast, Sunil blends creativity with technical acumen. His journey as a best-cadet military boarding school alumni and marathoner underscores discipline and resilience. Renowned as a 5-star rated skills trainer, Sunil empowers individuals to infuse their years with enriching experiences. Remembering that life is short, he encourages all to embrace skillful living, making each moment beautiful and meaningful.

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