Siddhartha Sarkar

Corporate Soft-skills & Wellness Trainer/Motivator, SHUDDHI

Emotional Wellbeing, Verbal Communication
Wellness, Wellness

Siddhartha Sarkar


Siddhartha's corporate journey with industry giants like WIPRO BPO and WNS saw him evolve from a Customer Service Specialist to a seasoned trainer. Over 8 years, he recognized the pivotal role of employee attitude and behavior in driving customer satisfaction. This revelation spurred his focus on enhancing corporate and social behavior, communication skills, and stress management. Fulfilling his dream, Siddhartha founded SHUDDHI, a training company dedicated to enriching mind, body, and soul. Through SHUDDHI workshops, he equips organizations with techniques to manage mental and physical stress, self-energize, and improve productivity. Siddhartha's passion lies in nurturing organizations' most valuable asset—their human resource—to achieve collective goals.

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