Kanchan Wadi

Wellness Expert and Motivational Speaker, The Wellness Capsule 2.0

Verbal Communication, Psychology
Emotional Intelligence, Personality Enhancement

Kanchan Wadi


Kanchan Wadi, an experienced Wellness and Transformation Coach and licensed Counselling Psychologist, specializes in optimizing mental health and communication styles for enhanced Executive Presence. With advanced certifications in REBT, Transactional Analysis, and Carl Rogers’ client-centred Therapy, she conducts masterclasses on Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, and Conflict Resolution. As an emcee, panel moderator, and motivational speaker for organizations like FICCI and SpeakIn Asia, Kanchan advocates for prioritizing employee well-being in organizational culture. Collaborating with HR Heads and C-suite executives, she delivers tailored modules on Leadership Development and Executive Presence. With over 20 years of diverse experience in TV hosting, speaking engagements, and entrepreneurship, Kanchan's approach focuses on emotional intelligence, assertiveness skills, and problem-solving tools from positive psychology to foster authentic conversations and drive tangible results for her clients.

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