Kanchan Wadi

Wellness & Transformation Expert and Motivational Speaker | Counselling Psychologist, The Wellness Capsule 2.0

Verbal Communication, Psychology
Emotional Intelligence, Personality Enhancement

Kanchan Wadi


Introducing Kanchan Wadi, a seasoned Relationship Enhancement Coach and Counselling Psychologist with extensive expertise in REBT, Transactional Analysis, and client-centered Therapy. With over two decades of diverse experience, Kanchan specializes in nurturing harmonious relationships and enhancing interpersonal dynamics. She mentors individuals to optimize emotional wellness and communication skills, fostering deeper connections in personal and professional realms. Through engaging workshops and masterclasses on Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, and Conflict Resolution, Kanchan empowers clients to overcome challenges and cultivate stronger bonds. As an accomplished emcee, panel moderator, and motivational speaker, she inspires audiences to prioritize relationship building in their lives. Kanchan's holistic approach integrates emotional intelligence, assertiveness skills, and positive psychology techniques to facilitate authentic connections and mutual understanding. Experience transformative coaching and counseling services with The Wellness Capsule by Kanchan, dedicated to enriching relationships and promoting greater harmony.

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