Sneha Gupta

Founder, LotsOfLearning

Verbal Communication,
Psychology, Personality Enhancement

Sneha Gupta


An ex-banker, Soft Skills Trainer and Image and Etiquette Consultant and a POSH Trainer is building confident and effective speakers at the workplace. Sneha has successfullyconducted many webinars and consultation with clients from more than 19 countries around the world. She has been helping individuals build their Personal Brand, Improve Performance and Reach Goals by Coaching them in Quick Growth strategies, Mindset Techniques and Science on Image and Personality Development. With 1 million followers on her Instagram channel, she has reached out to a vast group of professionals through her soft skills workshops which aim at simplifying skills such as Art of Resume and being Interview Ready, Public Speaking, Effective Communication skills, Body language and first Impressions, Business-Etiquette.

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