Aditya Kashyap

Techpreneur, Founder and CEO, Majorel

Entrepreneurship, Founder/CEO
Technology, Strategy
Aditya Kashyap


Aditya Kashyap continues to progress in his passion for leadership development and operations management through the skills he acquired from more than 2 decades of experience in Aviation, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Insurance, and Information Technology. He has transitioned and managed operations of Fortune 100 companies (primarily telecom and banking) for the organizations like Daksh eServices, Epicentre Technologies, Genpact, and Global Vantage. He has also been country head and global practice head for healthcare, banking, and finance in his last organization, Aegis. He has trained various team members to become experts in Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Digital Marketing, Water Sanitization, and Information Technology. Some of the clients Aditya has worked with, include American Express (the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand), Citibank (Australia), Bank of America (US & UK), GE Consumer Finance (US), AT&T (US), Bell South (US), Sprint PCS (US), First Investors Auto Loans (US), World Omni Auto Loans (US), 53rd Bank (US), American Imaging Centres (US) Specialize in: Six Sigma, COPC, Business Development, Performance Management, Client Relations, Project Delivery, Profit & Loss, Gross Margin Improvement (EBITDA)