Rahul Dey

Head of Product - Microsoft | Ex Senior Director Product Strategy Flipkart | Gojek | Swiggy | Groupon |, Microsoft

Product Development, Customer Satisfaction
E-Commerce, E-Commerce

Rahul Dey


Rahul Dey possesses over 20 years of experience in product strategy, development, and organizational planning, with a keen focus on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into product innovation. With a robust background in leading multi-site program management teams, he excels in scalable software architecture and engineering management, leveraging AI technologies for enhanced performance. Rahul's proficiency spans the entire product lifecycle, from feasibility analysis to execution and rollout, integrating AI solutions to drive efficiency and innovation. Known for fostering exceptional results and team spirit, he has spearheaded numerous challenging programs, demonstrating independent problem-solving skills and a drive for success in AI-driven initiatives. His interpersonal finesse and knack for creating an optimal engineering culture underscore his reputation as a seasoned leader in delivering high-performance AI-powered products.

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