Sneh Desai

Business Coach, Author, Life Coach, Mentor, Sneh World

Finance, Personal Branding
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Sneh Desai


Sneh, an Expert Motivator and Inspirational Coach for diverse demographics, embodies a quest for lifelong success, happiness, and personal growth. With 26 years of transformative experience, he reshapes belief systems and fosters positivity, reducing stress for individuals seeking triumph. His journey as a Living Legend resonates with incomparable knowledge and tangible results, impacting countless lives.

Initially resembling a young, curious MBA, Sneh's depth of understanding, modesty, and clarity unveil a genius in self-awareness and inner strength. His multifaceted nature defies molds, blending uniqueness into every facet.

Fueled by a childhood dream inspired by 'Anthony Robbins,' Sneh embarked on training at nine, obtaining a Microsoft Certified Professional title by 12. For over 25 years, he has been a guiding force, founding Sneh World, conducting life-altering seminars, and unlocking inner potential.

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