Manu Nanda

Consumer Buying Behaviour Expert | Business Consultant | Former CEO - Kent RO Systems, Honeywell & Airtek, Meyer Corporation, Kent RO Systems

Customer Satisfaction, Business
Marketing, Strategy

Manu Nanda


Manu specializes in building brands and bringing Rapid Revenue Growth to organizations engaged in Consumer & Technology Products. He has expertise in setting up and growing multi-channel, multi-vertical, multi-brand organizations, and delivering outstanding revenue in India and MEA. He has expertise in devising effective Marketing & Customer Experience Strategies and has strong knowledge of content marketing, digital & e-commerce setup, performance marketing & ROI analytics. He has had success in bringing international organizations, brands, and foreign investors to India and building brands, recruiting teams, setting up operations, and building desired revenue. He currently helps both Start-ups & Grown-ups in their quest for Innovation in Strategy, GTM, Course-Correction, Tactical Thinking, Creativity, Higher Revenues, Brand Strengthening and strong Customer Affinity.

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