Abhaya Gupta

Founder and CEO - Luxury Connect, Luxury Connect

Branding and Advertising, Customer Satisfaction
Work-life Balance, Thought Leader

Abhaya Gupta


Abhaya Gupta is a renowned authority on luxury retail and brand strategy in India. His diverse expertise encompasses writing, advisory roles, public speaking, thought leadership, and philanthropy. Abhaya Gupta has left an indelible mark in the realm of luxury brands and lifestyle through his ventures, including Luxury Connect LLP, Luxury Connect Business School, and Luxury Cruxx. As a Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder-centered certified coach, he serves as the President of the Centre for Education Growth & Research, Delhi NCR Chapter and advises 'Promising Indians,' 'Behind The Ramp,' and 'Modestreet Fashions.' Gupta's legacy includes pioneering franchise tie-ups with iconic fashion brands, launching innovative concepts, and earning prestigious titles such as 'Luxury Retail Icon of the Year 2012' and a consistent presence among 'Indian Luxury's top 100.' His impact extends across Asia, the GCC, and South Africa.

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