Vishal Chopra

Head of Field Marketing, APAC MEA, Freshworks

Marketing, Business

Vishal Chopra


Vishal, a hands-on marketing expert, holds a significant role in acquiring leads and driving business growth across diverse global markets including North America, the Middle-East, Africa, and Asia. With over a decade of industry experience, he has assumed the role of Head of Field Marketing for the APAC MEA region at Freshworks. A staunch advocate and practitioner of digital innovations, Vishal recognizes the immense potential of digital transformation in reshaping various aspects of organizations, from marketing and sales to IT and customer experience. His insight and expertise underscore his belief in digital's power to not only outperform competition but also exceed ever-expanding customer expectations. In his leadership, Vishal contributes to Freshworks' commitment to cutting-edge marketing strategies and customer-centric growth.

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