Gopal Sharma

Chief Operating Officer - Physics Wallah, Physics Wallah Pvt Ltd

Business, Career Development
Start-ups, Start-ups

Gopal Sharma


Gopal, a gold medalist from IIT-BHU, joined Physics Wallah (PW) as a founding team member, helping it grow from 30 members to over 15,000. He established and scaled PW's operations, gaining insights into startup development, business scaling, and team leadership. Previously he was a mentor at Upgrad, specializing in comprehensive career guidance and entrepreneurial development for corporate professionals providing insights into career advancement and corporate networking. His journey underwent a transformative shift at Ola, India's fastest-growing startup, where he gained expertise in business operations, data-driven decision-making, and strategic growth. He also co-founded Night Panda, a profitable night food business. Seeking new challenges, Gopal previously played a dynamic role in Avail Finance, building operations, developing an analytics team, and setting up auxiliary functions, eventually becoming Director of Business Strategy and Analytics. Today, he shares his expertise and passion, helping others navigate their paths to success.

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