Shreya Jain

Life Coach, Independent

Work-life Balance, Interpersonal Communication
Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence

Shreya Jain


Shreya, a dedicated and compassionate ACC Life Coach, fervently empowers individuals on their journey toward personal growth and transformation. Proficient in active listening and adept at reframing perspectives, she employs NLP techniques like visualization, perceptual positions, and reframing to enhance coaching experiences.

Her coaching portfolio spans a diverse spectrum, from corporate executives to social media influencers, accumulating over 200 coaching hours. Shreya's expertise extends to coaching IIM & IMT-based career counselors, broadening their expertise to aid informed client choices. She also supports emerging talents at IIT Madras University by fostering a secure space for self-exploration amidst challenging transitions.

Additionally, Shreya conducted impactful "NLP in Coaching" training sessions for corporate executives, garnering a remarkable 91% cumulative feedback rating as 'Insightful'.

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