Anushri Bhattacharjee

CO-FOUNDER, Swastika The Bliss

Growth Mindset, Behavioral skills
Leadership, Leadership

Anushri Bhattacharjee


Anushri Bhattacharjee is a multifaceted professional with a rich background in both Information Technology and Transformational Coaching. After spending her 16+ years in corporate IT jobs, she has been dedicatedly working as a coach for past 5+ years. Her approach involves addressing emotional issues, resolving conflicts, and guiding people to discover their life’s purpose and unlock their innate potential. Anushri is also recognized for her ability to facilitate a shift from limiting mindsets to empowering ones, fostering self-love, confidence, and an abundance mindset. In addition to her coaching expertise, Anushri holds an MBA in IT & International Business and has a strong grasp of marketing, branding, creative designing, and event conceptualisation. Her passion for personal growth and community impact is evident in her work.

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