Dr Nisha Khanna

Chief Executive Officer at Bye Tense, Bye Tense

Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence
Family, Work-life Balance

Dr Nisha Khanna


Dr. Nisha Khanna has 20 years of worldwide experience in the field of Mental Health and Well-being. She has counseled more than 30k+ people over one to one basis for hours and hours across the Globe. Dr. Khanna is a renowned leading Psychologist and is popular in Delhi, NCR, and India as a Marriage and Family Counselor. She is one of the Celebrity Psychologist, Twice TEDx Speaker, Trained Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Couple Facilitator, Certified EQ Assessor and Certified Brain Profiler. She is certified in EQ Testing and Compatibility Testing. She has been a Blogger, Columnist and TV and Radio Panelist for the last 14 years. She has delivered more than 350+ Workshops, Webinars and Motivational Speaking Lectures as an Expert Mentor in numerous Institutions like Collages, Universities, Army, Police (Special Task Force), Judiciary, UGC, NCW, NGOs, a few Corporates and so on.

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