Shamoly Khera

TEDx Speaker, Executive Presence Coach, Founder - Speak To Inspire, Author of Bedazzle: The Art and Science of Eternal Confidence, One Media

Self-Development, Verbal Communication
Public Speaking, Productivity

Shamoly Khera


Shamoly is a multi-faceted speaker, influencer, verbal communication expert and conducts workshops to foster work-life balance. She is a TV presenter, Producer, public speaker and Speaking coach. Being a TV presenter gave her the opportunity of meeting new people and challenged her to think on her feet. That’s how Speak To Inspire was born, where she coaches people to be motivational speakers, pitch their ideas confidently & be more outspoken. Having great thoughts isn’t enough, communicating them well is the next step to success. With her special interest in Neuroscience & Behavioural Psychology, she helps people get over their fear of public speaking and be a terrific speaker on any platform. Through her well-guided workshops, she has trained various professionals - from executives and entrepreneurs, to find their voice, to manage performance and ensures work-life balance. She was also featured as one of TIME Magazine's Influential Women.

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