Sumit Agarwal

SDG DEI Ambassador , Founder, ASK SUMIT

Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence
ESG and Sustainability, ESG and Sustainability

Sumit Agarwal


Sumit Agarwal is a beacon of resilience and determination in the DEI landscape. Living with cerebral palsy, he has transformed challenges into strengths, emerging as a prominent figure in diversity and inclusion. With over 300 speeches across corporate, educational, and social platforms, Sumit's voice resonates with a commitment to inclusivity. He is the esteemed Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador of HRAI, and a lifetime member and the Voice of Diversity of India Diversity Forum, ISTD, and NHRDN. Recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice with over 200 million views, Sumit's advocacy for diversity is both impactful and far-reaching. His roles as an Entrepreneur, SDG Ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion, and NITI Aayog Mentor for Change further underscore his dedication and expertise in championing a more inclusive society.

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