Jyotsna Dobriyal

Leadership Coach and People Services | Former Director - Human Resources, Youniq Minds

Self-Development, Emotional Intelligence
Performance Management, Performance Management

Jyotsna Dobriyal


Jyotsna, an advocate for Authentic Leadership and Entrepreneurship, embodies the principles of Compassionate Confidence and Resource-Based Motivation. With a background in Psychological Counseling and an ICF-Credentialed Coach (PCC), she amalgamates a decade of global business leadership into coaching practice. Her phhilosophy centers on fostering authenticity, confidence, diversity, and inclusion in the realms of leadership and entrepreneurship. Jyotsna firmly believes in grounding leadership in individual identities, strengths, values, and experiences for enduring authenticity. Her coaching sessions and workshops delve into prevalent challenges: conquering self-doubt, quieting the inner critic, embracing genuine leadership, confidently utilizing resources for personal and collective growth, establishing empathetic boundaries, and nurturing others' potentials. Seek guidance from Jyotsna to navigate these transformative themes.

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