Ranu Mishra

Transformation and positive intelligence coach and Yoga Acharya, Solopreneur

Emotional Wellbeing, Mindfulness
Work-life Balance, Work-life Balance

Ranu Mishra


A seeker!  Self-motivated and Passionate about yoga, wellness and self work through Coaching. Believes that  yoga and coaching both bring change within. It helps one becomes more aware about life and conscious about  thing around. Yoga is a subtle practice which brings the change the way one breathes, and thinks. Slowly with practice and by deliberate actions a new state of being comes forth.
At Evolve with Ranu Mishra you go through an inner journey that helps you connect with your Self with routine practice of  asanas,pranayama and self inquiry through coach facilitated sessions. Her transformation coaching skills with deep interest in yogic philosophy and human behaviour initiates  self inquiry, reflection, mindset shifts and transformation.
she is a Certified Professional Coach through the Coaching for Transformation program by Leadership that Works, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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