Deepa Chandrasekaran

Founder & CEO at Engage2Transform, Engage2Transform

Women Empowerment, Work-life Balance
Personal Branding, Personal Branding

Deepa Chandrasekaran


Deepa is a seasoned Career Acceleration Expert, Leadership Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Coach, and Delivery Specialist, boasting 25 years of industry experience. She has guided corporate leaders from top-tier organizations such as Microsoft, GE, Wipro, and Infosys to overcome career obstacles and ascend to next-level leadership positions. Deepa's expertise extends to workshops and keynote sessions on various topics including Branding for Success, Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, and Interpersonal Skills. She has collaborated with esteemed institutions like General Mills and BNP Paribas, delivering impactful workshops and keynote addresses, contributing significantly to the professional development landscape.

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