Lakshmi Seshadri

Ceo/ Founder at Mompower360, Mompower360

Women, Diversity and Inclusion | Emotional Wellbeing, Women Empowerment, Work-life Balance

Lakshmi Seshadri


Lakshmi Seshadri, an engineer, mother of three, and former Mrs. India Universe, ignites global empowerment for mothers. Through Mompower360, she fosters holistic transformation, enabling mothers to embrace confidence and self-assurance. Lakshmi's annual conferences and webinars cultivate a nurturing space where mothers thrive collectively. Beyond, as the visionary behind The Joybox project, she channels societal surplus to those in need, showcasing profound compassion and impactful generosity without monetary donations. As a motivational speaker, Lakshmi shares insights on Mindful Motherhood, Work-Life Balance, and Making a Difference, inspiring audiences worldwide with authenticity and actionable wisdom. Her blend of expertise and empathy renders her an irresistible force for positive change.

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