Sagar Amlani

Founder Director at Zapro Consultants, Zapro consultants

Productivity, Work-life Balance
Family Business, Family Business

Sagar Amlani


Sagar Amlani, The Productivity Explorer, is a beacon of resilience and transformation.

As a Keynote speaker, he has impacted over 35000 lives and spoken in various forums: India, Dubai, UK, Australia & and Russia.

A business consultant with over 18+ years of experience working with organisations to improve their processes and productivity, leading to prosperity and peace. As a professional speaker, he is on a mission to empower individuals to build a Productive Mindset.

He has Authored of three books, two of which are national bestsellers. 

He has been awarded as Linkedin Commented profile for 2019-20. Linkedin Top voice for 2023-24. He coaches leaders and professional speakers to build their thought leadership and Digital Reputation using his signature program ECG of LinkedIn