Nakul Agrawal

Founder, Renovatio. Foundation

Health & Wellness | Mindfulness, Spirituality, Emotional Wellbeing

Nakul Agrawal


Nakul Agrawal is a Modern Mystic, Yogi, and Changemaker, dedicated to guiding leaders in the industry, army, and bureaucracy towards inner peace and mental clarity. With a profound impact on numerous individuals, he empowers them to navigate challenges with a heightened sense of purpose and understanding. Nakul has shared his insights through 500+ talks on esteemed platforms like TEDx and engaged with prominent entities such as TCS, Tanishq, Titan, MOIL, PWD, IIM, IIT, and MIT. As a spiritual teacher, he emphasizes the transformative power that begins within, urging individuals to master their thoughts, perspectives, and emotions for meaningful and lasting personal, organizational, and global change.

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