Dr. Marcus Ranney

Founder and CEO at Human Edge, Human Edge

Healthcare, Wellness
Medicine and Alternative Medicine, Productivity

Dr. Marcus Ranney


In the span of two decades, Dr. Marcus Ranney's transformative journey from bedside patient care to global impact through systemic change reflects a commitment to championing wellbeing. With a diverse career that includes medical service in the Royal Air Force, assignments at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and conquering challenging terrains from Mt. Everest to the Arctic, Marcus has become a prominent figure in healthcare. As a bestselling author ('At The Human Edge'), keynote speaker, and media commentator, he contributes actively to public health discussions. Serving on the board of the International Coaching Federation, Marcus pioneers longevity medicine and digital biomarkers through his venture, HumanEdge. A Guinness World Record holder for backward running, avid athlete, and devoted father, he embodies a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the optimization of the human operating system for longevity.

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