Anil Lamba

Chartered Accountant | Financial Literacy Activist | Author of bestselling book - 'Romancing The Balance Sheet', Director- Lamcon School of Management Pvt. Ltd

Finance, Accountancy
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Anil Lamba


Dr. Anil Lamba, a bestselling author, financial literacy advocate, and international corporate trainer, is a practicing Chartered Accountant with degrees in Commerce, Law, and a Doctorate in Taxation. Conducting training programs globally for over 2000 large and medium-sized corporations, spanning India, USA, Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle-East, and the Far-East, he is renowned for conceptualizing the 'Financially Intelligent Organization' certification and 'Financial Literacy for All' movement, aiming to foster financial intelligence across India. With two decades of finance training, Dr. Lamba pioneered training videos like 'Figure Out the World of Figures' and 'Anil Lamba on Finance,' contributing significantly to distance education and e-learning. His impactful books, including 'Romancing the Balance Sheet' and 'Flirting with Stocks,' underline his commitment to financial education.

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