Ekata Deb

Lawyer, Self Employed

Mental Health, Behavioral skills
Emotional Wellbeing, Academics

Ekata Deb


In the her world, Law meets psychology and offers nuptial bond with technology, intertwining with innovation, and entrepreneurship. Meet Author, Ekata Deb, for her ground breaking Law book on 2023 and an illuminating Academic Book on psychology on 2022. Her works and areas of research interest stands at the forefront of reshaping the legal landscape. With an insatiable hunger for innovation, she merges legal acumen, behavioral insights, and technological prowess to drive transformative impact. Ekata is a seasoned expert offering unparalleled legal consultation, in-depth research, advanced psychological insights, strategic techno-legal ideas, and authoritative academic writing.  Her researches transcend boundaries, exploring AI's influence on Cyber Crime, Criminal profiling, AI-generated Judgement, Mental Health in Penal Provision, and the interplay between Criminal Law and Personality Disorders.


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