Dr. Sravani Reddy G

Chief Strategy officer, Ojaska Private Limited

Health & Wellness | Healthcare, Mental Health, Women Business Leaders

Dr. Sravani Reddy G


Dr. Sravani Reddy G is a holistic healthcare expert with a deep-rooted commitment to transforming healthcare through practical application of philosophies. With a comprehensive background in clinical and management domains, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership in overseeing complex clinical practices and healthcare systems management. Driven by a mission to make healthcare investments accessible and impactful, Dr. Sravani is a dynamic entrepreneur and seasoned investor. Her current focus is on shaping "Ojaska," an integrative health and wellness enterprise focussed in Chronic ailments and especially Cancer care. She believes in holistic, patient-centered approaches that encompass a range of health sciences, including allopathic, Ayurvedic, physiotherapy, nutrition, and psychology.

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