Shikha Poddar Dhingra

Holistic & Emotional Health Coach, Somatic Therapist (level 1), Chakra Balancing, Yoga instructor, Shikhaheals

Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing
Wellness, Parenting

Shikha Poddar Dhingra


Shikha, the visionary founder of 'Shikhaheals' since February 2020, embodies a holistic approach to health as a Somatic therapist (level 1) and holistic health coach. Her mission is to illuminate the profound connection between our thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. With a focus on aligning the mind, body, and soul, she offers transformative coaching to those seeking holistic healing. Shikha's dedication to non-medicinal therapies has touched the lives of over 500 clients globally in the past four years. 

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