Shikha Pandey

Founder, PurnaYog

, Spirituality
Mental Health, Investment

Shikha Pandey


Shikha is a certified yoga practitioner and the founder of PurnaYog. She believes in enjoying the paradoxes of life and advocates holistic living keeping the mind and body in sync with the present. Shikha brings insights into carrying yoga off the mat into our lives, mindfulness, fitness, importance of self care and transformations. The core of her approach to well being finds it roots in the holistic nature of the human existence. And each practice, program and methos is developed in a manner that it touches every dimension of your being - the physical body, the energy body, the state of mind, the emotional state and the spiritual state. The endeavour is to always bring to you an experience that enables you to show up better in your life. Shikha believes that the best place to practice holistic yoga is in this world, off the mat, in our daily life and interactions, with self and others. And that is something she enables through her holistic transformative programs.

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