Satyamoy Chatterjee

Co-Founder & Director at Surge Datalab, Surge Datalab

Data and Analytics, Technology
AI/ML, Education

Satyamoy Chatterjee


Satyamoy, a seasoned analytics and data science professional, boasts two decades of global experience across diverse industry verticals. Renowned for his hands-on leadership, he passionately integrates "Business Knowledge," "Data Science," and "Technology" to drive impactful business and social outcomes. Having held pivotal roles at Citigroup and GE, Satyamoy led cross-functional teams globally, leveraging analytics and data science for tangible business success. A pioneer in education innovation, he co-invented Analyttica's patented Analytics & AI skilling platform, Analyttica TreasureHunt LEAPS. Recognized among India's top ten data scientists in 2019, Satyamoy holds a Master's in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University and Executive General Management credentials from IIM Bangalore, combining academic excellence with real-world acumen.

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