Pulak Ghosh

IIM-B Chair of Excellence Professor | Named in "top 10 most Influential Analytics Leader", IIM, Bangalore

Data and Analytics, Design Thinking
Technology, Economics

Pulak Ghosh


Pulak Ghosh is IIMB Chair of Excellence and Professor of Decision Sciences at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB). He is a member of Center of Public Policy at IIMb. Prior to Joining IIMB, he was a Professor at the Georgia State University and Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He was also senior associate Director for Novartis Pharmaceuticals, USA. He has a Phd, Msc., Bsc in Statistics. He was named as the "top 10 most Influential Analytics Leader" in 2015 and was the only academician in the list. He has been named as the top 5 Indian data Scientist in the WORLD, by techradar. His rise from Assistant to Full Professor in mere 8 years is widely considered in the top 5 fastest in the history of Statistics, Analytics and Marketing globally.

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