Dushyant Bhatt

Chief Technology & Product Officer - The Hosteller, The Hosteller

Innovation, AI/ML & Technology | Technology, Product Development, Information and Communication Technology

Dushyant Bhatt


Dushyant has approximately 11 years of experience in building and scaling Technology Products. He has a track record of developing global products across various domains, including E-Commerce, Hospitality, E-Learning, AI Simulators, Tele-Consultation & Healthcare, Social Networks, Recruitment, Compliance, HRMS, and payroll. Dushyant possesses extensive experience in assembling robust global teams and either creating products from the ground up or expanding existing resources and infrastructure. His accomplishments include receiving the CTO of the Year award at the Digital Transformation Conference 2023 and being recognized as an Innovative Tech Leader at the Technology Excellence Award 2023.

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