Dr. Arvind Gupta

Co-Founder and Head, Digital India Foundation, Digital India Foundation

Fintech, Technology
Policy, Start-ups

Dr. Arvind Gupta


Arvind Gupta is the Head and Co-Founder of Digital India Foundation, a policy think tank working in areas of Digital Inclusion, Smart Cities, Internet Governance, Data Privacy and Cyber Security, Electronics Manufacturing, and strategies for Digital India. He is an Adjunct Professor at IIT-BHU and has over 30 years of industry experience, having worked in diverse sectors in India and Silicon Valley, USA. Arvind has been on the Global FinTech Top100 list of Influencers and also the Member of World Economic Forum’s Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society, OECD Expert Member of Global Value Chains. His innovations haven't gone unnoticed; he's a recipient of the Eisenhower Global Fellowship for Innovation for the year 2014, the DataQuest Pathbreaker of the Year award, and the Distinguished Centenary Alumni award from IIT-BHU. His leadership was particularly impactful as the CEO of MyGov, a forum promoting digital inclusion through participative governance.


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