Harshavardhan Reddy

CEO - Aeoslabs, Former Head of Product at Scenes, Technology Enthusiast, AEOS Labs

Artificial Intelligence, Product Development
Technology, Technology

Harshavardhan Reddy


Harsh is a talented technologist with a compelling journey across the globe, building software products and wading through the intricacies of data. He kicked off his career with a 3-year stint as a Data Scientist, specialized in crafting product recommendation engines and natural language processing solutions for some of America's biggest retail brands (Kohls & Walmart) then took the plunge into Product Management - becoming Head of Product at Scenes, steering it right into the arms of ed-tech giant Unacademy, which recently acquired it to bolster their presence in the creator space. After a stint in Singapore where he worked as a Senior Product Manager for NasCompany building out monetisation features for the nas..i.o. platform, Harsha is back exploring and building the latest and greatest Al tech has to offer with Aeoslabs - where he serves as CEO. Harsh deeply understands the nuances of AI and its impact on business.

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