Yash Mishra

Founder - VoxWeb Inc., VoxWeb Inc

Technology, Economics
Government, Internet

Yash Mishra


Yash Mishra is the Founder of VoxWeb social-media platform and provides perspective on matters related to Technology, Government, Economics, Fin-tech, Capital Markets and World Affairs. After graduating from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Yash Mishra worked for investment bank J.P. Morgan where he was the coordinator of the bank's Asia-Pacific real estate team based across key Asia-Pacific business centres. At J.P. Morgan Yash Mishra was the author of one of the bank's acclaimed reports titled 'J.P. Morgan Bricks and Mortar Report' and shared his views on market movements and macroeconomy in several conferences and seminars in the region.

After Founding VoxWeb social-media, Yash Mishra has voiced his opinion on technology, tech-trends, regulations, world-affairs and macroeconomy through conferences and one-to-one interviews. In his public speaking initiatives and stints, Yash has given unique perspective on identification of Tech Trajectory, Valuations, and the tailwinds or headwinds provided by Geopolitics and Government Regulations.

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