Amit Dubey

Author, Cyber Security Evangelist, Member Police Technology Mission, Quantum Researcher, TEDx Speaker, Independent

AI/ML, Cybersecurity
Technology, Technology

Amit Dubey


Amit is a distinguished National Security Expert specializing in Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Computing. He serves as a key resource for Indian Government Agencies and Police departments, offering expertise in AI, ML, Quantum Computing, and Cyber Crime Investigation. Amit has advised Parliamentary Standing Committees on technical issues and AI challenges, and as a Commonwealth UK Chevening fellow, he trained at the Defence Academy UK and earned a postgraduate degree in Cyber Crime Investigation from Cranfield University.  An accomplished author of six books on Cyber Crime Investigation, one of his works inspired the web series "Hack Crime Online" on Amazon Prime Video. He hosts the popular radio show "Hidden Files" on 93.5 Red FM.

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