Anuradha Batra

Certified - Applied Theatre Based Facilitator, Storyteller and Certified Continued Professional Development, self employed

Storytelling, Team Building
Interpersonal Communication, Interpersonal Communication

Anuradha Batra


Anuradha is a versatile professional with over 10 years of experience in personal effectiveness and human resource management. She is a Certified Applied Theatre-Based Facilitator and Storyteller, as well as a Certified Continued Professional Development (CPD) practitioner from Emerson College, London. Anuradha's academic credentials include an MBA in Human Resources from Jaipur National University and a B.Ed from Panjab University. Throughout her career, she has worn multiple hats—Trainer, Coach, Storyteller, and HR Professional—demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to continuous learning. Anuradha's passion lies in helping others learn and grow, and her diverse skill set reflects this focus. She has honed her ability to inspire and engage audiences, making her a sought-after facilitator and educator. Anuradha continues to explore innovative ways to foster learning and personal development, enriching the lives of those she works with.

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