Anshuman Mainkar

Head - Strategic Research, Communication and Engagement, Reliance Global Corporate Security

Learning and Development | Academics, Armed Forces, Economics

Anshuman Mainkar


The expert is a senior management professional at Reliance Global Corporate Security. He is responsible for strategic research and analysis on geopolitics, de-risking, cyber security, intelligence, and surveillance as well as bespoke research on emerging issues/personalities/businesses/events, etc. He is also involved in social media engagement, learning and development, talent management, big data analytics projects, and change management. He also leads projects related to crowd-sourcing, social outreach, and predictive intelligence. He has a strong track record of building high-energy teams and possesses over 14 years of total professional experience, including 10+ years as a fighter pilot, involved in security strategy, operations, research, training, and leadership development. Aside from professional aptitude, he possesses appropriate academic exposure, having earned top grades in the MA (International Relations) program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, excelling in Macroeconomics, International Finance, International Business, and Economic Law, and International Trade.

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