Akash Agrawal

Founder Metawrkx | Top AI and web3 Voice on LinkedIn | web3, Metaverse, NFT Advisor, Metawrkx

Web 3.0, Metaverse
Futurist, Strategy

Akash Agrawal


Akash stands out as a premier web3 and emerging tech speaker, drawing from his illustrious tenure with global giants such as Sony, Nike, and Walmart. His expertise in Marketing, Brand Management, and Strategy, coupled with a deep understanding of web3, blockchain, immersive technologies and AI , positions him uniquely to deliver enriching and transformative presentations. Every speaking engagement is meticulously tailored: Akash invests time in discovery sessions with organizers, understanding audience nuances and crafting content that resonates, ensuring impactful and value-driven sessions. He is an ISB alumnus with over two decades of senior leadership and consulting experience in Marketing, Brand Management, and Strategy with Fortune 100 companies. Previously, he managed a premium real estate advisory firm for HNI/Ultra HNI clients in Gurgaon under the brand Realty Emporio.

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