Deepak Lalan

Managing Director - Accenture, Accenture

Blockchain, AI/ML
Futurists, Futurists

Deepak Lalan


Meet Deepak Lalan, a visionary technologist who has reshaped the tech landscape. As the architect of the world's largest biometric program, Aadhaar, he redefined identity verification. Deepak unlocked India's GPS potential with Gagan, catapulting geolocation technology. He pioneered Cloud Enterprise Architecture, reshaping cloud computing. Now, he's at the forefront of AI with his GenAI model.

Deepak's expertise extends to sovereign data and identity, making him a sought-after thought leader. He also guides startups on their tech journeys. As a keynote speaker, Deepak's talks are electrifying. He paints a vivid picture of the tech future, sparking curiosity and discussion. His engaging style turns audiences into active participants, leaving them inspired and ready to embrace innovation.

He doesn't just talk about the future; he brings it to life with his tech brilliance.